Photographic Look and Histogram Post Production Tutorial

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Easy Lighting for a Soft Photographic Look

Hi there! In this Short 3D Tutorial I will explain how to setup a simple HDRI Lighting with a fill light to create a Photographic Look with Soft Lighting and Shadows

You will see how easy is to have a realistic lighting without hard shadows and how to setup the physical camera to get more light to the scene.

With the use of the Physical Camera Settings you will understand better how the camera works. This will give you more knowledge about the more important settings in a physical camera. I will show you how to get that Photographic look in your 3d renders without complication.

After that we are going to add some post production with Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop.

What You Will Learn with this Tutorial

In this 3d tutorial you will learn how to setup HDRI Lighting, we are going to help the main lighting source with a fill light. Let’s understand how to put the camera in place so we can get a better light highlights and shadows. In addition, we will work with real camera settings and how they work. After this with the help of the Histogram we are going to make our Post Production so we can have that Photographic Look with a correct exposure.

Topics Covered in this Training

Let’s see some of the topics covered in this video tutorial:

  • HDRI Lighting
  • In which case we can use Fill Lights and the benefits of using it.
  • Understanding the Physical Camera Settings
  • Soft Lighting/Shadows
  • Post Production
  • Understanding and Using the Lighting Histogram
  • Camera Raw for better Post Production
  • Some other topics…

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This is a tutorial that can be applied to any 3d software and renderer.

Software Used: 3dsmax + Vray

Total Course Duration: 17 Minutes

Course Gallery

Here is a gallery with a few 3d renders from the course:

Videos Course

Next you will find the HD Video from this tutorial, enjoy it!

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