Creating Beautiful & Realistic Wood Floors Tutorial

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Realistic & Natural Looking Floors

Hi there! In this 3d video tutorial I will cover the necessary steps to create a beautiful and realistic 3d wood floors. I will explain what it’s needed to create a nice looking floor. From laminated to hardwood style, I will do a few different types of wood floors for your 3d visualization.

In the archviz tutorial we are going to work with different high resolution textures and 3d maps. We will work with the diffuse, reflect, reflection glossiness, bump and displacement with the Vray Displacement Modifier to improve the realistic look of the flooring.

What You Will Learn with this Training

In this 3d visualization tutorial you will learn how to setup your realistic vray shader for wooden floors. Which maps do you need and how to get a great looking floors. How to control the reflection and glossiness and how to add a more realistic vibe to the floorring.

Topics Covered in this Training

We are going to start from zero and create 3 different type of vray wood floors:

  • Creating 3 different type of  wood floors
  • Setting up all the maps for the shaders
  • Working to displacement to add more realism
  • Controlling the reflection and glossiness
  • And more…

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Software Used in this Tutorial

Software Used: 3dsmax + Vray

Total Tutorial Duration: 22 Minutes

Course Gallery

Here is a gallery with a few renders from the tutorial

Videos Tutorial

Next you will find the HD Video from this tutorial, enjoy it!

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