Essential Corona Renderer Course from Zero


Getting Started with Corona Renderer

This is an essential Corona Renderer Course in which I will teach you how this render engine works with full practice. I will start with an 3d interior from scratch without materials/lighting until the post production. Let’s understand how to create fast but realistic materials/shaders for a fast rendering. How to setup a realistic lighting and using different light types. In addition, you will have a good understanding of how to set the Corona Renderer Camera for your renders and how to edit your image with the Corona Editor. Meanwhile, you will see the use of the Lightmix and how to use it and how to setup the Denoiser. Among many other things.

Therefore, I will show you how to start the Corona Interactive render service for a realtime preview of your changes while working in your project.

What you will learn in this course

As a result, you will learn to create a realistic 3d render from scratch using Corona Renderer as a render engine. At the end of the course, it would be easy for you to do Post Production both inside and outside of Corona Render. On the other hand, you will have a better understanding on how to control the lighting with the Physical Camera and the Lightmix, among many other topics.

Topics of this Course

What are the topics in this course:

  • Material/Shader Creation
  • Realistic Lighting
  • Different Lighting Types
  • Working with Displacement
  • Creating Lighting Focus Point
  • How to adjust the physical camera for better results
  • Production within Corona Renderer Buffer
  • Improve your renders with Photoshop
  • Using Lightmix & Denoiser

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Software Used in this Course:

Although this course can be followed with any 3d application or rendering engine, these are the programs used:


Corona Renderer

Course Duration | 2 Videos | 62 Minutes in Total

Course Image Gallery:

Course Videos

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