Complete Archviz V-Ray Course – Exterior & Interiors

vray full archviz course exterior and interior 3d rendering 3dsmax realistic

Full Course for 3D Architectural Visualization, from Basic Concept, to Shading, Environment Creation, Lighting, Camera Exposure, Atmospheric Effects, Rendering to Final Post Production.

This is the only Course that you will need to Learn or Improve your Exterior & Interior Rendering Skills. I will go straight to the point and explain everything from scratch, from how to create a basic concept to keep you focused to how make a photographic post production in Photoshop.

3 Different Exterior Lighting

In this Course I focus on Exterior Environment Lighting, because when you have a proper Exterior with Realistic Lighting and Effects, it becomes easy to render an Interior Image. You will learn how to setup this type of Lighting Scenarios:

  • Overcast 
  • Sunny
  • Night

But most importantly, you will learn how to Setup the Physical Camera to work with each type of Lighting. Also you will learn how to Setup the Vray Fog for each scenario. In this course I will show you how to setup a closeup render and what settings you need to understand in the camera for a better and realistic render.

Environment Effects + Landscape

Learn how to Use Forest Pack to populate your Grass and Trees. Also I will show you how to properly setup the Vray Environment Fog, this effect will make your image more realistic and create a nice moody lighting.

Interior Lighting & Camera Setup + Post Production

When we have everything ready, we will move to the Interior Rendering Part, let’s understand how to setup a proper angle and camera exposure for the final renders. We will improve our render with some Photographic Post Production using Photoshop and Camera Raw.

HD Lessons + 3D Project Files

This Video Course comes with HD VIDEO Lessons, also This Package has all the necessary 3d scenes, 3d models, hdri, and texture maps.

This is the most complete Archviz Course, learn how to render Exterior & Interior 3d Scenes, how to create realistic grass and forest, how to use forest pack, how to setup your render for realistic results, learn how to use the physical camera and how to make photographic post production in Photoshop, and much more.

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Course Gallery

Here is a gallery with a few renders from the course:

Videos Course

Next you will find the HD Videos from this tutorial, enjoy it!

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