Complete 3D Visualization from Scratch – Part 1 Tutorial

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Full Apartment 3D Visualization

If you are interested in learning how to create a full 3d visualization project from zero, this is the 3d course for you. I will be creating this full course from scratch. In this First Part of the Course I am going to start with the 3d modeling of the apartment using a Floor Plant.

We are going to learn how to setup a blueprint to start modeling the apartment. How to properly setup your working space. We will model the basic structure and the main objects of the kitchen. Then we are going to create the windows and some other models.

What You Will Learn with this Tutorial

In this 3d tutorial you will learn how to a 3d visualization project from scratch. Learn how to use polygon tools to create a well organized visualization project. Learn how to create the walls, cabinets, kitchen island and the windows. This is what we are going to do in the first part. In the other parts we are going to model the furniture, create all the materials, work with the lighting and rendering to make our final image with some post production.

Topics Covered in this Training

Let’s see some of the topics covered in this video tutorial:

  • Blueprint Setup
  • Polygonal modeling for the walls, cabinets, windows, shelf and kitchen island.
  • Working with a proper scale
  • Setting up to the next steps.

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Course Gallery

Here is a gallery with a few screenshots from the course:

Videos Course

Next you will find the HD Videos from this tutorial, enjoy it!

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