V-Ray Lighting & Rendering Lifelike Closeup and Product Shot


Realistic Lighting & Rendering Close Up Shots

This is a vray and 3dsmax video tutorial that will teach you the essential techniques that you need to create lifelike 3d product renderings but also how you can create beautiful close up renders in your scenes. The aim of this course is to help you understand the principles that makes a great close up render or a 3d product visualization. There are multiple issues when some 3d artists try to create a close up render or a product viz.

In this vray course I will show you the photographic techniques that are use it in real life, from which lenses you should use to how to edit the render from a photographic stand point.

Create more interesting close up to showcase any detail in your 3d scenes, make believable 3d product renderings that will have the same setup as real life.

Topics that you will learn in this course:

  • Best lighting for your product renderings
  • Render Setup for faster and high quality renders
  • How to and when to complement your lighting
  • Photographic Camera setup
  • Lenses for product rendering
  • The Photography triangle for perfect Exposure
  • How to save your file for Color Grading
  • Color grading your render in Photoshop

Scene files are included for a better learning experience. Full Bathroom Scene INCLUDED

Software used it in this Course: 3dsmax + V-Ray 5

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Language: English

Duration: 43 Minutes



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