Creating a Realistic Vray Interior Step by Step


Photorealistic 3D Rendering – Step by Step

In this course I will teach how to create a photorealistic 3d interior rendering using V-Ray and 3dsmax with Post production in Photoshop. In this video course you will learn how to setup your scene by taking references as starting point. I will show you how to create shaders, setup the lighting, working and understanding the physical camera, how to setup the render for a realistic result and finally how to improve the image with the help of Photoshop Camera Raw.

Let’s chat and see an easy to follow process with no complication. You will see that having a organized workflow will make your rendering process more easier than before. I try to keep my workflow really simple so you can learn how to do it by yourself with little practice.

I focus in the main techniques that will make your render more realistic with a professional look. Let’s start from looking to some references and then decide what it best for the scene to be realistic. This is a course that will make your 3d renderings more easy to do.

Topics covered in this course:
  • The importance of references
  • How to create shaders that will look realistic
  • How setup the lighting for a realistic result
  • Understanding the main concepts of a physical camera
  • Analyzing the firsts renders to improve the final result
  • What to add to the scene to make it more real
  • Setting up the Render for a better result
  • Improving your render with Photoshop Camera Raw
What Comes in the Packages:
  • 4 HD Video Lessons
  • 3D Scene for Vray + 3dsmax Ready to Render
  • Textures
  • 3D Models

This course is with the following software: 3dsmax 2015+ and V-Ray Next

This courses comes with the full 3d scene ready to render, for a better learning experience.

Download Only

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