Photographic Approach in your 3d Visualization Vray Tutorial


Understanding the Physical Properties of your Camera

Hello! In this 3d video tutorial I will talk about the physical camera and how to control the light with it. I will be showing you how the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO works. From a real photographic approach we will learn how to apply the same information into our 3d renders. This is the best way to achieve a realistic look when rendering with the physical camera.

Some people use incorrect values with their physical camera and for that reason they have a wrong exposure and the shot does not have that photographic look. In this easy to follow video tutorial you will learn how to control light and depth of field in your renders for a more dramatic result.

What You Will Learn with this Training

There are different subjects covered in this video tutorial:

  • Understanding the use of Aperture (f stops), Shutter Speed & ISO
  • How to gather more light with the camera
  • How to apply real life camera settings to our virtual camera
  • Which Settings you should use depending of the shot
  • Best camera settings for close up shots
  • 3D Project File

Software Used: 3dsmax + Vray

Total Tutorial Duration: 30 Minutes


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