Fundamental Lighting Technique for 3D Renders

Fundamental Lighting Technique for 3D Renders

Easy Lighting Setup

Lighting can be simple but complicated to execute, it is a good idea to get started with simple lighting setup that will help you to improve your final 3d rendering.

You do not have to start with a fancy setup and a lot of lights, but you need to understand what do you want to achieve and feel when lighting a character, object or environment.

Three-point lighting

Is a standard method used in visual media such as theatre, videofilmstill photography and computer-generated imagery. By using three separate positions, the photographer can illuminate the shot’s subject (such as a person) however desired, while also controlling (or eliminating entirely) the shading and shadows produced by direct lighting.

You can apply these techniques and lighting setup to your 3d scenes. This will make your lighting more professional and simple to apply.

Next you will find a presentation that will explain the more basic principles of this lighting setup.

Fundamental Lighting Technique for 3D Renders

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