Realistic V-Ray Soft Lighting – 8 Different Ways to Make it


Mastering Soft Lighting in Vray

Soft light is light that creates shadows with a gradual transition from light to dark. There are no hard shadow lines. It is created from a scattered or diffused light source. Soft light is found where the lighting is indirect or where it passes through a diffuser, clouds or some other medium which scatters the light. Diffused light can be light that has bounced off one or more surfaces before it hits a photographic target.

In this course you will learn how you can achieve a Soft Lighting look with different setups. This is really important because you can find the best method that can fit to your workflow.

Let’s see how different methods can improve the look of your render and also which one is most faster and accurate.

This Course comes with the 3D Scene for a better understanding.

Software Used:

3ds Max 2015+ 

V-Ray Next

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