Physical Accurate Artificial Lighting with V-Ray


Physical Lighting Units

This is a course for people that are interested in learning how to setup their lighting using Physical Units. This is useful if you are setting up a real environment that is going to be built. This avoid the guessing on how the lighting is going to look in the real product.

If you working with 3d for projects that are in construction or renovation, this is a good starting point on how you can use real light wattage to lit an interior space.

No Exterior Lighting Source

This course is also focus on artificial lighting, how you can create a realistic lighting without the use of an external lighting source. How to create a lighting solution step by step.

Lighting by Layers

I will explain every part of the lighting setup, step by step and adding different lighting layers to the system. This is useful for people that needs to understand how to setup a practical lighting without guessing how it is going to look.

I will go from Ambient Lighting, to adding Task Lighting, Accent Lights and many others steps to create a real lighting scenario with a realistic result.

Topics Covered in this Course:
  • How to use real lighting units
  • Step by Step Lighting with functional design
  • How to Lit without Exterior Lighting Source
  • Use of every light solution
  • Different Lighting Fixtures
  • How and Why to Place a lighting source
  • Using Different Vray Lights
  • Setting up the Camera with Photographic Technique
  • Post Production with Photoshop
  • Much More
This Packages comes with:

Full HD Video + 3dsmax & Vray Next Project File + Download Only



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