Rendering Beautiful Product Shots with Corona


Product Rendering with Corona Renderer

Hi there! In this 3D Product Visualization Course/Tutorial we are going to see how we can create a beautiful lighting to make our 3d Product more interesting and realistic. With the use of different type of lights, we will try to achieve a nice looking and functional render.

With the help of natural lighting, we will make a high contrast lighting to supply the outdoor lighting and balance the light bounce of the 3d scene.

We will press attention to the exposure, so we can produce a realistic outcome with proper light/shadow balance.

What You Will Learn with this Training

In this training/course You will be able to understand the process of creating a product rendering scene with a corona renderer setting up a creative lighting and rendering. Learn the steps to setup your render in order to produce realistic and beautiful results. I will show you how to balance the light so your scene will have a proper exposure and look. I will make the post production of the render so you can learn how to improve your rendering without any complication.

Minimum Software Requirements: 3D Studio Max 2014+  |  Corona 1.7+

Project Files Included


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