Texture & Shader Creation 01 – Concrete Material


From Photo to Final 3D Shader

In this 3d course we will work with the creation of realistic shaders starting from a photo. We are going to improve the image and prepare it in Photoshop. We will create each texture map necessary to produce a realistic material or shader in both render engines Vray and Corona Renderer.

You will learn how to create a realistic concrete shader/material for both 3d interiors and exteriors. From the Diffuse to the Displacement and how to set this material on Vray or Corona Renderer within 3dsmax.

Temas de este Curso

Which topics are covered in this course:

  • Photo retouching for texture creation in Photoshop
  • Remove lighting from the photo
  • Making your texture ready for tiling
  • Create the maps of Diffuse, Specular, Glossiness, Bump and Displacement
  • Creating the material in Vray & Corona within 3dsmax
  • Necessary changes to improve the appearance of the shader
  • More tips…

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Software Used

You can apply this to any 3d app, but this is the list of the software used in this tutorial

  • Photoshop
  • 3dsmax
  • Vray & Corona Renderer
  • Course Duration | 24 Minutes 

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