Creative Lighting & Rendering Tutorial

Creative Lighting & Rendering 2

Artificial & Natural Lighting

Hello everyone! In this 3D Interior Visualization Course/Tutorial we are going to see how we can create a creative lighting to make our 3d interior more interesting and vibrant. With the use of different type of lights, we will try to achieve a nice looking render.

With the help of artificial lighting, we will make a high contrast lighting to supply the outdoor lighting and balance the light bounce of the 3d scene.

Learn how to setup different lights without creating a mess of shadows all over the space. We will press attention to the exposure, so we can produce a realistic outcome with proper light/shadow balance.

What You Will Learn with this Training

In this training/course you will learn how to create different type of shaders for fast and realistic interior visualization. You will be able to understand the process of creating a interior scene with a creative lighting and rendering. Learn the steps to setup your render in order to produce realistic results. I will show you how to balance different lights so your scene will have a proper exposure and look. I will make the post production of the render so you can learn how to improve your rendering without any complication.

Topics Covered in this Training

We are going to start from zero and some of the subject covered in this video series are:

  • Creating production ready shaders for fast and realistic render
  • Working with the physical camera to have a better control of the light in the scene
  • Use different lights to improve the light/shadow balance.
  • Set direct and indirect illumination
  • Render settings for a more accurate image
  • Post Production
  • Some other topics…

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Software Used in this Tutorial

Software Used: 3dsmax + Corona Renderer

Total Tutorial Duration: 52 Minutes

Course Gallery

Here is a gallery with a few renders from the course

Videos Course

Next you will find the HD Videos from this tutorial, enjoy it!

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