V-Ray Perfect Lighting & Photographic Camera Setup – Day & Night


Learn how to balance multiple lighting source and how to control the lighting with the physical camera. In this course I will teach you how to create the perfect lighting using different lighting sources to create a nice mood, from the base lighting to the mood light. Learn how to create photographic camera settings and how to control the light in your scene with real life photography setup.

In this course you will learn how to setup the perfect Day and Night Lighting. Move from daylight to nightlight in minutes. Always taking into account the photographic approach to create realistic and stunning renderings.

Watch the introductory video:


Topics Covered in this Course:

  • Balance Lighting from Different Lighting Source
  • Step by Step Lighting Solution for Realistic Renderings
  • Understand the Camera for a better setup
  • Photographic Settings from Real Life Examples
  • Creating Different Lighting Situation: Day & Night
  • How to improve the image inside V-Ray
  • How to Setup the Render for Fast Quality Previews
  • Setting Up the render for final Quality
  • More cool stuff

This Course comes with the Project Files

  • 2 Scenes with Day & Night Lighting Files

Download Only for 3ds Max and V-Ray Next


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