V-Ray Luxury Physical Interior Lighting & Rendering + Project Files


V-Ray Lighting for Luxury Interiors

If you are interested in learning how to setup beautiful lighting for your interior spaces, this is a great course to get started. In this course I will cover all the steps to setup a realistic interior lighting using physical units. Stop guessing if your lighting is adequate, see how everything take form by using physical units in your lighting and also how to control it with the camera.

After we finish the lighting and render settings, we will improve the final quality using Photoshop to create a nice atmosphere.

What you will learn:

  • How to Setup a Lighting Solution Layer by Layer
  • Understanding different type of lights and their use
  • Using Real Life Physical Units in your Lights
  • How to setup your camera to work with your lighting
  • Photographic Camera Settings
  • How to Improve your Render in Photoshop
  • Much More

This Tutorial comes with the Project Files, also it comes with a empty scene so you can practice the lighting.

3dsmax + Vray

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