Corona Render Natural & Artificial Lighting with 3dsmax + Project Files


Understand Natural & Artificial Lighting

In this Corona Renderer Tutorial I will explain how you can work with Natural Lighting and improve the render with the help of Artificial Lighting. Setting up this type of lighting can make your render to look messy. With this tutorial you will see how to go step by step and have a realistic natural and artificial light together.

Understand how to setup a low contrast and high contrast image and think as a real photographer.

Topics covered in this tutorial

  • Understanding your scene
  • Creating a Layered lighting solution
  • Low & High Contrast Lighting
  • Creating Focus Point
  • Using 4 different lights to make a realistic render
  • Creating temperature zone and why
  • Why a render look realistic
  • How to Color Grade your Render for a better image
  • And more

The Scene files are included in this tutorial for a better learning experience

Software used: 3dsmax & Corona Renderer 

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Tutorial is in English



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