Cloth Sim & Interior Rendering with Marvelous Designer & V-Ray


Marvelous Designer & Vray Workflow inside 3DS MAx

If you always wanted to start learning Marvelous Designer and how to render a realistic 3d Interior scene, this is the training for you, in this training we are going to start with a simple boxes then with export our basemesh to start our Cloth Simulation inside Marvelous Designer with realistic physical properties, we will creating a series of cloth simulation, from bed sheets to curtains, to cover everything you need to know to simulate any kind of fabric for your interior rendering.

After the simulation we bring back our models to 3dsmax and start with the shading phase, we are going to creating and apply a different set of shaders in order to create a realistic render with vray, we will explain and show you how to setup your lighting with different lighting sources, also we work with the vray camera as a real camera so we can have more control in the lighting, then we will make our render setup with a realistic output in mind.

We will end this project by adding some final touches in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw.

What will you LEARN?

  • Exporting a basemesh to create the Cloth Simulation
  • Simulating Bed Sheet with Physical Properties
  • Cloth Simulation for Pillows, Curtains, Carpet and Bed Sheets
  • Using Physical Properties in our Fabrics with Marvelous Designer
  • Creating Realistic Fabric Materials
  • Creating Translucent Materials for Curtains
  • Creating Realistic Concrete Floor Material and White Paint
  • Working with glossiness refraction to filter light
  • How to setup realistic lighting
  • Working with the Vray Camera for physical camera setup
  • Render setup for realistic render output
  • Refining your scene with Photoshop
  • How to use Adobe Camera Raw for Realistic results
  • And more…

What you will get in this Training?

  • Around 2 Hours of HD Video Training for Cloth Simulation & Interior Rendering
  • Full 3D Scene ready to Render
  • High Resolution Textures Maps
  • High Quality 3d Models in your Scene
  • Realistic Bed 3D Model Simulation
  • High Resolution HDRI Map
  • Much more..


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